Steve Jacques (Tufts University): Tissue Optics and Laser-Tissue Interactions

Steven Jacques

Origins of optical properties; Measurements of optical properties - lookup tables; Monte Carlo simulations; Coupling tissue optics into modelling of photochemical, photothermal and photomechanical effects. 

Caroline Boudoux (University of Montreal): Endoscopy

Caroline Boudoux Instrumentation for in vivo imaging. Fibre types (single-mode, multimode, double-clad, photonic crystals and fiber bundles), couplers, scanners, and detection schemes. Challenges associated with handheld, laparoscopic and endoscopic applications of spectroscopy, OCT, confocal, Raman and nonlinear microscopy.

Brian Pogue (University of Wisconsin): Optics in Surgery & Radiation Therapy - Photochemistry / Radiochemistry

Dr. Brian Pogue photo Surgical devices, Variations of devices, Optical tracers, Molecular optical tracers, Photochemistry & photodynamic therapy, Radiation therapy, Radiochemistry, Nanoparticles in photophysics and radiophysics, Optical Diagnostics in radiation therapy.

Kirill V. Larin (University of Houston): Optical Coherence Tomography

Portrait of Kirill V. Larin Fundamentals of OCT and elastography and tissue biomechanics with OCE and Brillouin spectroscopy

Irina Larina (Baylor College of Medicine): Vital Fluorescence Reporters, Sensors, and Optogenetic Tools for Biophotonics

Portrait photo of Irina Larina Vital fluorescence reporters, sensors, and optogenetic tools for biophotonics. History of fluorescent protein discovery and application; introduction to fluorescence protein technology; genetically encoded fluorescence sensors for in vitro and in vivo applications; optogenetics as a powerful developing biophotonic technology for biomedicine.

Irving Bigio (Boston University): Polarized Light in Biomedical Optics

Portrait of Irving Bigio

An introduction on polarization states of light; Polarization dependence of dipole interactions, fluorescence, etc;  Polarization dependence of scattering (why is the sky polarized?), reflection, evanescent waves, etc;  Polarization-sensitive OCT imaging; Polarized-light microscopy: quantitative birefringence imaging. 

Stanislav Emelianov (Georgia Institute of Technology): Photoacoustics

Portrait of Stanislav Emelianov A historical perspective; Basic principles of photoacoustic signal generation, Imaging instrumentation: microscopy and tomography; Basic principles of image formation and processing; Multi-modal combinations; Biological and translational applications.

Turgut Durduran (ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences): Technologies & Clinical Translation of Deep Tissue Blood Flow

Portrait photo of Turgent Durduran Laser speckle statistics; correlation diffusion model; diffuse correlation and speckle contrast spectroscopies; neurocritical care; critical care; neurodevelopment; diffuse optical spectroscopy & tomography; near-infrared spectroscopy.

Brian Wilson (University of Toronto): Light Based Therapeutics


Portrait photo of Brian Wilson

Photo Medicine, Radiation Medicine and Nano Medicine. Light-based therapeutics (PDT and PTT light-based). Optical spectroscopies and imaging for intervention guidance. Therapeutic and diagnostic aspects of optically-active nanoparticles and Clinical Translation of Optical Technologies


Thomas O'Sullivan (University of Notre Dame): Tissue Optics and Laser-Tissue Interactions

Portrait photo of Thomas O'Sullivan Diffuse optical spectroscopy and imaging; deep tissue optical imaging and sensing; breast cancer screening, differential diagnosis, treatment response; contrast-free quantitative measurements of tissue architecture and metabolic function.